The Shining Stars Academy  - Where your Star Shines Bright
Tuition & Fees
Registration & Curriculum Fee:
Free Registration until March
 Annual Registration Fee
      Full Time Rates:
Infants (0-17 months)
Toddlers & Two years old (18 - 36 months)
 Three & Four years olds
 Five - Eleven years olds
Fee includes 5 days (Monday-Saturday)
10 hours per day  
10% off families enrolling more than one child 
Part Time Rates:  
School Agers
One Way to or from School
Part-Time All Ages
      Drop- In & Hourly Rates:
Drop-In per Child
Late Pick-Ups
      All Drop-Ins require a $50 cash deposit for each child. The deposit will be applied to the amount due at pick-up.
NCI Accepted 
All fees include 3 hot meals (Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner) & 1 Snack (PM)
Field Trips and Activities all year   
Call front office for Specials
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